A yearly service call is necessary for your AC system, just as it is for your car’s regular oil change. Although hiring an HVAC specialist out for an annual inspection and maintenance work is commonly referred to as “AC service,” you might be able to save some money if you handle all of the cleanings yourself instead of calling the HVAC company near me

A yearly service call will prevent many small issues from becoming major ones. If you don’t maintain your air conditioner, bacteria and filth can accumulate inside the parts, which can cause the air conditioner to start pumping out dangerous microorganisms. Additionally, the system won’t function as well, which may result in much higher energy costs. A yearly service will control these problems. 

A service call for a sizable central air conditioning system will cost a little more than a straightforward window unit maintenance, which will likely cost closer to $50. To discover the best deals, make a few phone calls and request quotations from local HVAC contractors. Ensure the HVAC specialist you hire is certified; your neighbor’s Uncle Joe won’t do this job. This may seem expensive, but if you don’t maintain your AC system, you’ll pay even more in the long run. A filthy or broken air conditioner might result in high utility costs. 

The fan, chassis, and coils must be clean for cool, healthful air. They will completely clean your AC unit to prevent dirt and bacteria from collecting inside it. To ensure that your home is effectively and adequately cooled throughout the summer, they may modify your fan if it is slightly out of balance. 

A refrigerant check will also typically be included in a service appointment to ensure that your AC system is properly inflated. Additionally, they’ll examine the blower parts to ensure that the air is being expelled effectively and check your appliance for corrosion and leaks. They ought to be able to take care of the issues right away. 

A service expert may check the electrical parts of the compressor with a voltmeter to rule out electrical problems. 

The problem may be resolved by changing the filter if your AC system is acting up. A dirty filter can cause many issues, so if changing the filter resolves your problem, you generally don’t need to call a professional. Even if the air conditioner is functioning perfectly, change it frequently to keep it operating effectively. 

The return ducts on walls or ceilings of central air conditioning systems are normally where the filters are installed. A filter is often located behind the grill in front of the room and window units. Reusable filters are typically housed in a panel on the compressor of split systems. 

You can maintain the effectiveness of a central, split, or window air conditioner by cleaning it yourself. While a service technician will perform this task for you during a service call, performing it on your own can cost less. 

Still, you won’t be able to identify any significant problems without a service specialist. A professional is required for any maintenance work involving leaks, electrical issues, fan problems, or blower components. These aren’t practical DIY projects.